Criminal Law

In trouble with the law? CW Booth & Co can help. From road traffic offences to serious Crown Court cases, our experienced team of criminal law solicitors will work with you at every stage of your case to help achieve the best possible outcome.


Criminal Investigations

For clients at the police station, we have a 24-hour call out service. If you would like free and independent representation by our firm at the police station following arrest, tell the police that you want CW Booth & Co to act for you and they will be obliged to make sure that we are contacted about your case.

If you are asked by the police to attend for a voluntary interview, you are entitled to be represented by a solicitor. Contact us straight away and we will arrange to attend at the police station with you.

We can also represent you if you are asked to attend for an interview under caution with the Department for Work and Pensions.


Criminal Proceedings

CW Booth & Co Solicitors have a proven track record of providing effective and professional representation in the Criminal Courts. In many cases, legal aid is available. Our solicitors will always endeavour to give you honest and straightforward advice about court procedures and the evidence and potential outcomes in your case.

We have wide experience of dealing with all types of cases in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts, working diligently for our clients and ensuring that their cases are put forward forcefully and effectively to the Court.

In road traffic cases, our specialist team will help keep you driving wherever possible, with a with extensive expertise across a wide range of motoring matters including drink and drug driving, speeding and careless or dangerous driving. In some cases, disqualification can be avoided by the use of exceptional hardship or special reasons arguments.

Where cases do proceed to the Crown Court, we can arrange representation by high quality counsel, our firm having close ties with renowned Barristers’ Chambers both locally and nationally. Our Sam Brewster is a Solicitor Advocate with Higher Rights of Audience in the criminal courts.


Fixed Fees In Road Traffic Cases

We offer representation in certain road traffic cases for a fixed fee of £495 plus VAT at 20% if legal aid is not available to you. This applies in cases which will be dealt with in the magistrates’ court and resolved at a single hearing by way of a guilty plea. Such cases could involve allegations such as driving with excess alcohol (“drink driving”) or failing to provide a specimen, drug driving, no insurance or careless driving.

The fixed fee includes:

  • Meeting with you to take your initial instructions
  • Considering the initial disclosure and any other evidence, and giving you advice
  • Explaining the court procedure to you and giving you advice on the sentencing options available to the court
  • Attending court to represent you at a single hearing in the magistrates’ court
  • Discussing the outcome of your case with you
  • Our travel to any magistrates’ court in County Durham (additional charges will apply for travel to courts outside County Durham)

The fee does not include:

  • Advice and assistance in respect of special reasons or exceptional hardship hearings, for which additional charges will apply
  • Instruction of expert witnesses
  • Taking statements from other witnesses
  • Advice and assistance in respect of any appeal



Our fixed fee quoted above includes our travel expenses including mileage and parking. Other disbursements such as the fees for medical reports or reports from experts are not included and will be payable in addition to the fixed fee.

Representation in road traffic cases will be provided by Robert Willoughby, Sam Brewster or Amrit Jandoo – please see our Meet the Team page for further information.

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